Secure your portals and shops

Offer your customers the next level of security

Users reuse their passwords multiple times or choose easy-to-guess passwords. Protect your customer portals and applications effectively.

Multi-factor authentication for when a password cannot be relied upon for protection

Passwords are increasingly threatened by brute force attacks. Especially when large amounts of passwords are captured during attacks, it is often only a matter of time before a majority of them are exposed. At the same time, users use their password multiple times and with patterns that are easy to guess. Thus you run the risk of data losses in a foreign system leading to subsequent attacks on your own system. With multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can offer your customers and employees an effective countermeasure.

We help you to secure your portals and applications

Multi-factor authentication for your applications and portals

The KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform's broad support of different token types allows you to choose your token according to the risk level of your application. From simple SMS tokens to barrier-free voice tokens to transaction protection via modern push token and QR token procedures.

Easy connection and integration

Just a few API calls are sufficient to integrate complete, transaction-based authentication into your products and portals. Read here how to integrate a QR token

In addition, you can use the self-service and token management APIs to quickly and easily provide your customers and employees with highly integrated functionality. The "API first" approach of the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform helps you to achieve fast results.

Integrate your customers' tokens

The FIDO Alliance provides a standard for connecting hardware tokens across different applications, which is actively supported by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many others. As a central integration behind several applications, LinOTP allows for simple and fast integration of the FIDO standard and thus brings a "Bring Your Own Token" functionality to your application or portal without endangering security or privacy.

User data in your environment

With LinOTP's broad support for a wide range of user backends, you can continue to manage your users in your tried and tested backend. In addition to the connection of SQL databases, LDAP, Active Directory, the connection of JSON-based APIs as a user backend is also possible. LinOTP uses read-only access and thus allows for retaining workflows and complying with all regulations.


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Scania is one of the world's leading suppliers of transport solutions. Based in Södertälje, Sweden, this traditional company, which is over 125 years old, produces trucks and buses that are used for various transport tasks.

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