Migration to the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA Platform

Switch to advanced multi-factor authentication. Protect your investment

Migrations do not have to be complex and expensive. Use the features of the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform for soft migration.

Soft migration as a protection for your investments

Replacing an existing MFA solution often also means the replacing proprietary tokens. To protect your investments in this case and to enable a smooth migration for your employees, you can continue operating your existing solution with the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform. You can replace your tokens step-by-step at a given point in time, e.g. when your previous provider's maintenance expires. You are free to migrate users individually or in groups. At the same time your existing solution can stil be operated and migration time can be adapted to your needs.

Soft migration - Easier rollout

Migrating a previous token solution often also means a logistical effort of exchanging existing tokens. The soft migration options allow you to offer your employees a flexible and convenient solution. The migration period can be planned according to your needs and employees can be migrated while normal processes continue.

Soft migration - Continued operation of older software

Not all applications can always be adapted to modern authentication methods. Often the company application used is no longer maintained, the responsible employee has left the company or an upcoming replacement of the software would make investing in a new authentication superfluous. To avoid unnecessary stumbling blocks during your migration towards modern authentication methods with the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform, you can use the options for the continued operation of existing solutions and thus enable a coordinated transition of your infrastructure.

Soft Migration

RADIUS token for connecting individual users

With the RADIUS token integrated in the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform, you can connect individual users to your existing solution and – if required – equip them with a new, modern token as part of the KeyIdentity solution. The tokens can be configured individually via helpdesk and allow for mapping users to the existing solution.

RADIUS forwarding enables the migration of entire groups

Based on the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform policy framework, you can forward entire user groups to your existing solution. As soon as a user receives a new token as part of the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform, it is used automatically, without the need for additional input via helpdesk.

Continued use of your previous tokens

Due to supporting a variety of token standards, the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform allows you to reuse many of your existing token types (OATH HOTP/TOTP, Yubikey, FIDO). Advanced featuers such as Auto Resync also enable tokens to be integrated if the previous manufacturer only provides insufficient export functionality.

Self Service

The KeyIdentity LinOTP Self Service allows your users to easily roll out a new token and determine when to migrate without additional effort for helpdesk or administration.


Success Story: Bombardier


With its 60 production and engineering sites in 28 countries, Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in the rail industry. Bombardier develops and produces both sub-systems and complete trains for goods and passenger traffic.

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Success Story: Scania


Scania gehört zu den weltweit führenden Anbietern von Transportlösungen. Die KeyIdentity Identitäts- und Zugriffsverwaltung sorgt dafür, dass nur die berechtigten User durch eine strenge Authentifizierungs- und Autorisierungskontrolle auf die Applikationen und Systeme im Unternehmen zugreifen können.

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Success Story: thyssenkrupp


Die Mitarbeiter des weltweit agierenden Industriekonzerns können sich künftig mittels Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung (MFA) sicher im HR-Portal des Unternehmens anmelden. LinOTP von KeyIdentity löst damit die bisherige Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung (2FA) auf Basis einer SMS-Lösung ab.

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