KeyIdentity Authentication Provider

KeyIdentity Authentication Provider delivers an authentication frontend in systems which can not be directly connected to LinOTP. They allow you to extend the authentication on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux with secure and advanced strong authentication methods, leveraging the KeyIdentity 2FA platform.

KeyIdentity Authentication Provider for operating system Microsoft Windows

The Credential Provider framework in Microsoft Windows allows the KeyIdentity Authentication Provider to bring the capabilities of LinOTP to the Windows platform. The newest example is the Offline OTP authentication provided in combination with LinOTP and the KeyIdentity Authenticator app, enabling road warriors with easy to use, secure strong authentication while keeping the deployment simple and stable. Deployment according to Microsoft group policies and integration in the Microsoft SSO architectures is an integral part of the design. Request your evaluation package and experience the power of strong authentication on the Windows desktop first hand.

KeyIdentity Authentication Provider for operating system macOS

One of the first third party authentication plugin-ins for macOS, the Authentication Provider brings the capability of LinOTP to the macOS login, including Challenge-Response tokens (SMS, E-Mail), Yubikeys and all OATH hardware token supported by LinOTP. Easy to configure with its own native dialog, it is easy to deploy and set up. Request your evaluation package and experience the ease of secure authentication on macOS.

KeyIdentity Authentication Provider for Linux

Based on the PAM (pluggable authentication module) framework, we provide PAM modules integrated with LinOTP, bringing two-factor authentication to the range of logins managed and authorized by PAM. Easy to set up and configure on a variety of Linux distributions, they allow the use of a wide range of authentication methods throughout the system. Install the PAM modules for Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 14.04 and RHEL 7 based platforms and integrate them with your LinOTP setup to experience the flexibility of the integrated solution.

Evaluate the KeyIdentity Authentication Provider, SVA and LinOTP

Request your evaluation of the KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance and the KeyIdentity Authentication Provider.

Fast deployment of multi factor authentication in your environment.

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