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Secure protection of digital identities and transactions

In the age of multiple digital selfs, fake news and alternative facts, ensuring that identities stay secure becomes a key factor. At KeyIdentity, our goal is to protect digital identities and transactions at all levels.

As a leading provider of highly scalable, easy-to-use, open source-based identity and access management (IAM) solutions, we secure and manage digital identities across network and cloud environments. The focus is on transaction security, identity management and strong authentication via multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Identity has many faces – and we are committed to the comprehensive protection of digital identities and transactions, which is a key pillar of digitalization. The password as a way to secure logins has become obsolete: Today, already 81% of all hacks are the consequence of weak passwords. Based in Weiterstadt near Frankfurt am Main in Germany, we committed ourselves to "Security made in Germany" back in 2002 and now we can proudly look back on 16 years of experience in this area.

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Multi-factor authentication

Protect your company's reputation and corporate values in the digital world

Learn more about:

  • How unsafe passwords have become by now
  • How to protect your business from hackers
  • What multi-factor authentication means
  • The technical structure of KeyIdentity's MFA solution

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Allow your users to enjoy a high level of usability via modern push and QR tokens without compromising on security.




Who is who in the digital world? And how many? Sophisticated Identity & Access Management (IAM) is becoming increasingly important to ensure that your users are who they say they are.

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Digital identities need more protection!

Our Identity Protection e-book provides an overview of identity protection requirements and multi-factor authentication capabilities. Download now!

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E-Book Identity Protection

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Windows Logins mit LinOTP + KAP via SMS schützen

Windows Logins mit einer MFA-Lösung schützen und das am Besten via SMS-Token? Unser Video erklärt innerhalb von nur 6 Minuten und 6 einfachen Steps, wie das geht.
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