Cyber attacks in the health sector

A new survey of Hessian hospitals conducted by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs shows that IT security in health care is an extremely serious topic. The results showed that every fourth hospital in Hesse alone has already been affected by a cyber attack. The ministry sees a considerable demand for investment in IT security at many clinics. It seems logical, that this cannot be limited to a single federal state. IT security is and remains more important than ever and a huge challenge.

Protection against hackers

Meanwhile, stolen or weak passwords are the cause of a hack in 81 percent of all cases – in 2016 it was "only" about 60 percent. Passwords are no longer secure enough to protect corporate networks. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify identities significantly reduces the risk of an attack and secures your network and cloud environments. 

LinOTP MFA platform "LinOTP

The open source-based LinOTP MFA platform provides a quick remedy. It complies with all current security standards for one-time password authentication (OTP). LinOTP's open source core is continuously enhanced by experienced IT security experts and enriched with valuable features to always meet the latest security requirements. The open source core allows the software to be audited at any time, so cryptographic backdoors such as "Nobody-but-us" (NOBUS) can be excluded. In addition, there is no need for software escrows, as the code is visible. 

Let our reference customers have an impact on you and learn how you can implement and integrate the LinOTP solution easily and thus achieve compliance and effectively increase security in no time. Contact us now!


Reference clients

Klinikum Passau
Klinikum Darmstadt

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