MFA - quick and easy to use

Smart Virtual Appliance for easy and fast integration

In today's environments, fast and reliable deployment of critical components is crucial to the success of a project. The Smart Virtual Appliance enables easy integration of MFA into your environment.

Smart Virtual Appliance - MFA with LinOTP – easy and automated

The KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance (SVA) is a robust, easy-to-install application on state-of-the-art virtualization platforms. It is designed for the permanent and secure operation of the backends of the KeyIdentity LinOTP MFA platform, especially LinOTP. The SVA is a complete, integrated, out-of-the-box backend solution for integrating vendor-independent MFA token management into enterprise and cloud environments. LinOTP, RADIUS Server, graphical user interface and self service are automatically installed and fully integrated. Just start the installation, configure the basic parameters via wizard, and your system is ready for MFA authentication. The SVA has been designed for a wide range of environments and brings all features of the Keyidentity MFA platform into your environment.

What the Smart Virtual Appliance offers you

  • A ready-to-use LinOTP instance, directly available for your users' authentication
  • A FreeRADIUS server, fully integrated with LinOTP, allowing you to connect your VPN and firewalls directly to LinOTP
  • A database for the token management data, with the option of a having a high-availability setup already included
  • A web GUI for the easy configuration of the operating system parameters of your LinOTP MFA platform on the SVA:
    • Easily integrate the SVA into your environment with network and RADIUS configuration
    • Set up external time sources for time-based tokens
    • Use the restore functionality and the automatic, scheduled backup internally and for external servers
    • Manage administrative users for your LinOTP instance
    • Control the logging of the SVA and LinOTP
    • Manage your changes in the versioned configuration history
    • Automate and schedule updates for the SVA, provided by KeyIdentity and monitored by our support and development teams

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