Customer satisfaction and regulations

Innovative solutions for your customers

Finding the balance between risk avoidance, customer satisfaction, regulations and innovation has always been an interesting task for authentication and authorization in the banking sector. We help you to secure your services and data via modern transaction security.

Modern transaction security as a basis for customer satisfaction

Meeting modern regulations such as PSD2 and PCI-DSS requires a much higher level of transaction security than in previous years. In order to remain innovative in this regard, it is necessary to offer solutions, which fulfil increased security requirements such as transaction binding and – in the future – device separation already today via customer-friendly methods. The LinOTP push token and especially the LinOTP QR token have been used in banks for several years to ensure the fulfilment of high security requirements through modern means.



The new PSD2 policy requires any transaction to be securely bound to the confirmation token generated for it. In this regard, the LinOTP push and QR tokens have been offering a strong, modern, cryptographic integration of transaction data for several years already. Algorithmically, the generated answers are based on messages that the customer has seen and confirmed. Data transmissions are encrypted and device-dependent, and all required regulations are observed. The LinOTP QR token even goes one step further and allows you to be prepared for future regulations with its system-dependent device separation.


The LinOTP MFA platform offers the strong authentication required by PCI-DSS as part of a complete solution. Signed audit logs and the option of connecting multiple HSM implementations (Luna SA, YubiHSM, PKCS#11) support you in complying with regulations.

Customer satisfaction and safety

LinOTP push token - The convenient solution for fast transaction confirmation

Your customers want to quickly and easily comply with the security requirements of today's financial transactions. By using modern smartphone platforms, it is now possible to offer high usability along with transaction security.

For a customer using the LinOTP push token, a transaction is confirmed in just a few steps and is transparent and traceable thanks to the display of the transaction data.

The possibility of an explicit, cryptographically verified rejection of a transaction by the registered end customer allows for faster detection and analysis of fraud attempts without additional effort for the customer.

LinOTP QR token - Secure transactions with strong device separation

The LinOTP QR token allows you to meet the increased security needs of your customers. In addition to the encrypted QR code, the generation of a TAN is possible to ensure even greater independence of transmission paths and authentication methods. This is also relevant for complying with regulations in your backends, since the QR token does not require a connection to the server to enable strong authentication.

Both tokens have in common that they can be rolled out in 2 steps which can be done online or API-controlled also via mail.


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