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In heterogeneous environments consisting of internal and external employees and distributed locations, reliable identification is a prerequisite for effective protection of your data and processes. Secure your company data flexibly and innovatively.

Multi-factor authentication for all important areas

In addition to the increasingly important protection of your employees, there is also the challenge of securing external access in heterogeneous environments: above all, logistical considerations and the related costs, as well as the temporary nature of these access points are central to this challenge.

With LinOTP multi-factor authentication solutions, you can effectively tackle this challenge and block attacks. Safe, easy to use, flexible and ideal for meeting a wide range of requirements.

We help you to secure your processes and data

Multi-factor authentication for external accesses

When securing external accesses, you can effectively reduce logistics costs by using Soft and SMS tokens, especially for less risky accesses. In this regard, Self Service and intelligent enrollment functionalities allow for a largely maintenance-free implementation.

  • Auto enrollment for SMS and E-Mail tokens 
  • Auto assignment for hardware tokens – no helpdesk necessary
  • Option of time-limited tokens, which can be automated during enrollment or via the helpdesk
  • Option of restricted token use, which can be automated during enrollment or via the helpdesk

Desktop integration and offline authentication

Include your desktops and remote access servers in MFA protection with the LinOTP Authentication Providers for Micorosft Windows and MacOS. With LinOTP offline authentication, MFA authentication is also possible in aircraft and secure areas.

Use the token you need

The broad support of token standards (OATH, FIDO, etc.) and the modern Push and QR tokens from LinOTP allow you to select the right token for your respective risk level while assessing usability, security and costs and adapting to changing requirements without great effort.

Self Service

Reduce the costs for helpdesk and support by using the extensive self service of our LinOTP MFA platform for your employees. Complex tasks such as rolling out tokens to your employees and frequently occurring requests such as the resynchronization of hardware tokens can be effectively handled by your employees themselves without additional costs in self service.


Success Story: Scania


Scania is one of the world's leading suppliers of transport solutions. Based in Södertälje, Sweden, this traditional company, which is over 125 years old, produces trucks and buses that are used for various transport tasks.

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