KeyIdentity 2FA Enterprise Platform

KeyIdentity 2FA Enterprise Platform

The KeyIdentity 2FA Enterprise Platform provides a secure, flexible, integrated and transparent set of products to allow you the deployment of 2FA the way you need it. The modular and futureproof design of the KeyIdentity 2FA Enterprise Platform enables  to integrate future authentication methods and technologies.

  • The KeyIdentity Secure Cloud and the KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance provide secure, flexible and scalable authentication solutions for deployment and operation, on-premise and in the cloud.
  • The KeyIdentity Authentication Providers easily integrate 2FA in your Windows, macOS and Linux environments. Including exclusive features like Push-Token and Offline OTP. Augement your server and client desktops with futureproof, secure authentication tailored to your risk level.
  • The KeyIdentity Authenticator provides an easy to use and  secure solution for phone-as-a-token use cases, providing Push- and QR-Token for high usability, offline authentication and high security levels. The Keyidentity 2FA Enterprise Platform also  supports SMS based 2FA authentication.

 All products are based on the open source LinOTP core by KeyIdentity.

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Adapt to your risk level

The KeyIdentity 2FA Enterprise Platform based on LinOTP allows to raise your security to your level of risk and beyond.

Leveraging the wide range of strong authentication tokens supported by the platform, you can increase security individually, for a user or a group, or based on the workflow and accessed data. Based on the modular design of LinOTP, the SVA, the Authentication Providers for Windows, macOS and Linux and the KeyIdentity Authenticator you can use hardware tokens, phone based tokens (Push-Token, QR-Token, SMS, soft token), paper based tokens, one-time token. All governed by detailed policies and the enterpise level LinOTP token management.

Push Token

The KeyIdentity Authenticator Push Token allows to combine high user acceptance and ease of use with a secure and reliable authentication. Phone-as-a-token scenarios allow to bring strong authentication and 2FA security to new users, both in B2C and B2B scenarios. The easy rollout and user workflows can be adjusted to your needed level of security. The KeyIdentity Authenticator Push Token is based on the proven protocols used in our Offline OTP and QR-TAN token.

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Offline OTP Authentication

Strong integration capabilities within all products of the KeyIdentity 2FA platform allows for advanced features in a fast moving enterprise environment. One such feature is the Offline-OTP-Authentication provided by LinOTP, the Authentication Providers and the KeyIdentity Authenticator.

Offline Authentication allows you to securely authenticate your on-the-go colleagues and customers, without any confidential content on the authenticated device. The out-of-band (OOB) authentication leverages a new generation of the proven QR-Code based authentication developed by KeyIdentity.

Full API access

LinOTP offers full API access to all functions and features. Choose the level of integration for your needs.

Integrate LinOTP into your existing frameworks for identity management. Enroll, modify, resync, assign or activate the tokens of your users, using the API calls, provided by LinOTP. Integrate self service functions with the user service API. Manage your tokens, using the management API, the same API used by the built-in management UIs.

The full power of LinOTP -- integrated in your front end.

Smart Virtual Appliance

The KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance (SVA) is a robust and easy to install virtual appliance, designed for permanent and secure operation of LinOTP. The SVA is a complete out-of-the-box Enterprise and Cloud Provider grade backend solution for OTP (One Time Passwords) and vendor independent token management. LinOTP software, RADIUS Server, Graphical User Interface and User Self Service are all pre-installed. Just boot the installer from .iso file, run the wizard and the system is up and running. The SVA is designed for small and large scale environments. 

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Authentication Provider

With KeyIdentity Authentication Providers and a management system such as LinOTP, you receive a simple to administer One-Time Password authentication solution for your server environment or desktop clients.

KeyIdentity Authentication Providers are available for operating systems Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The KeyIdentity Authentication Providers extend system logins by multi-factor authentication and enable the flexible and secure implementation of
logon workflows, whilst supporting redundant and highly available designs.

Bring Push-Token, Offline-OTP Authentication, policy based authentication and easy management to your desktops and servers.

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The KeyIdentity Authenticator as a mobile application provides an easy to use, out of band authentication, leveraging the possibilities and ubiquity of mobile platforms and the proven technologies of the KeyIdentity QRToken.

Application of modern algorithms allows for a secure and easy to use Offline OTP Authentication for a variety platforms.

The KeyIdenity Push-Token allows to add a hightend level of security, while providing high level of usability.

KeyIdentity Authenticator is well integrated in the KeyIdentity product suite and will be available for iOS and Android.

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LinOTP Core

LinOTP is an innovative and versatile OTP-platform for strong user authentication.

Due to its highly modular architecture, LinOTP works vendor-independently and supports different authentication protocols, token and user repositories.

The software supports multi tenancy, is easily scalable, user friendly and can quickly and simply be implemented. With the help of LinOTP, the highest security standards can effortlessly be achieved by our customers.

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Evaluate the KeyIdentity Authentication Provider, SVA and LinOTP

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Fast deployment of multi factor authentication in your environment.

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