KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance

KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance

The KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance (SVA) is a robust and easy to install virtual appliance, designed for permanent and secure operation of LinOTP. The SVA is a complete out-of-the-box Enterprise and Cloud Provider grade backend solution for OTP (One Time Passwords) and vendor independent token management. LinOTP software, RADIUS Server, Graphical User Interface and User Self Service are all pre-installed. Just boot the installer from .iso file, run the wizard and the system is up and running. The SVA is designed for small and large scale environments. 

KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance

KeyIdentity Smart Virtual Appliance

The KeyIdentity SVA is a platform to easily deploy LinOTP and other KeyIdentity products in a wide range of IT environments. A complete out-of-the-box solution for LinOTP, that allows you to configure all operating system aspects of a LinOTP deployment. 

The core based on proven software and technologies allows rapid deployment and integration in a wide range of virtualization solutions. The Debian core enables customer deployments in VMWare ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and others.

KeyIdentity SVA contains a ready to run services, configured by an optimized web interface:

  • LinOTP, prepared and setup to start authenticating your users,
  • a FreeRADIUS server already integrated with LinOTP,
  • a MySQL database for LinOTP, ready for high-availability setups,
  • web frontend for managing the operating systems aspects of the SVA:
    • networking
    • time source
    • user management
    • logging

In addition to the basic setup and tight integration, the SVA provides:

  • high availability capabilities built-in, ready for you when you scale up,
  • automated scheduled backups to network shares,
  • scheduled updates, provided by the KeyIdentity mirrors, monitored by the development and support teams,
  • a dashboard for a quick overview about the current state of the machine

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